Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Trying to be more mindful as I eat, I looked at my spinach salad: dark green spinach leaves; cherry red tomatoes and bright orange carrots nestling under the shelter of the spinach. It struck me that it was beautiful. And how unbeautiful is American food--bland pale white limp french fries, white rounds of bread filled with greasy ground beef, brown microwave plastic trays, dull reds of canned tomato sauce. No wonder we have to fill our food with fats and salt and sugar. No wonder corporations strive to find the right addictive combinations of fat, salt and sugar. Otherwise, given a choice, with taste buds unadulterated by an overload of sugar and sat, why would we choose limp french fries over a glorious pink lady apple: crunchy, sweet with yet a hint of tartness, juice spilling from the corner of one's mouth and dripping down arms.