Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five!

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five

1. Name a woman author you very much love to read.

Well, I love Barbara Brown Taylor, but so does almost everyone else. I confess my favorite reads are women detectives by women authors. Julia Spencer Fleming does a great job with her Episcopalian priest/murder mystery series. Marcia Muller and Sue Grafton are classics. I'm discovering more and more. And I'm looking forward to reading Elaine Pagels' newest on Revelation.

2. Name a woman from the Bible with whom you would like to enjoy a nice long coffee talk.

Mary Magdalene, of course. I have a secret desire to write a biography of Bathsheba who wrote J. (Someone whose name escapes me at the moment asserted that a woman wrote J; who else but Bathsheba?)

3. Name a famous woman from history with whom you would like to have lunch.

As a teen, I loved Mary Queen of Scots, who I thought was unfairly executed by Elizabeth. Now I see her as simply stupid. So, I think I'd love to lunch with Elizabeth. And talk about how she managed men and power. Did she regret what she gave up; the choices she made? Did she realize that she was reigning at a cusp of history? Did she know Shakespeare was as great a playwright as he was?

4. Name a living famous or infamous woman with whom you would like to go out to dinner.

Hmmm, choosing a person to have dinner with involves choosing someone who is fun to be with, who can kick back and laugh. So, tho I'd love to have a conversation with Hillary Clinton or Madeline Albright, I'm not sure either has a sense of humor. I think it would be interesting to sit with Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman, but I think they, too, would be too uptight. Tina Fey comes to mind as the right combination of intelligence and great humor. I imagine I'd be laughing so hard that I wouldn't be worried about my diet.

5. If you could be SuperWoman (o.k., I know you already ARE) what three special powers would you like to have?

Three special powers. Flying (because I can't afford business class), the ability to speak any language (shoot, I'd like to be able to remember my little bits of Hebrew and Greek), can't think of a third.

And oh, yes, I'd like thin thighs and world peace.