Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Advent Musings

I visited Pompeii over Thanksgiving. This plaster cast rent my heart.

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It seems to say so much about death.

An article in a recent issue of The Christian Century (I haven't finished the article yet) links music with theology. The article is titled "Sound Theology".
(The article is not available on the website and the link will work only for the current issue, so when the next issue is published, it will show the latest issue.)

The paragraph that caught my eye was one which talks about the microhopes (small blessings) that foreshadow or lead to the great hope of God's covenant with Israel. I like the idea of small blessings as signs of the larger blessing. As I think about my Advent sermons, I may use this metaphor. I believe the kingdom is among us, but also not yet. Small blessings are signs that the kingdom is here, but not yet.