Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm tired. And I don't feel good. My sinuses have taken over. I slept about two hours this afternoon. Gave up swimming. Visited bereaved family today to plan funeral. So, I have a funeral on Friday, I'm going to see Borg and Crossan all day Sat. Oh, tonight the clergywomen are coming over here. I still have to do some picking up. I want to get my PIF off. I've got the PIF (mostly the same one from three years ago--the beauty of frequent moves), but I want to write a good cover letter. The CIF (not a church) has been up for a month, so I want to get my PIF in before they decide they've had enough.

And very sick parishioner in hospital that I visited today and will visit tomorrow.

I've given up swimming today for a nap. Hope to get a swim in on Thursday but probably won't. I will jog though.

You ever notice how most guys don't blog this sort of stuff? The utter minutia of daily life? Do you think they even think about it?