Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Five: The Janus Post

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions, but it does seem a good time for some reflection and planning. For the last few days I keep thinking of Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. Among other things, that seems to say that reflection is in order if we want to learn and grow.

For some of us, this has been an incredibly difficult year; for others it has been a year of many joys. For all of us, there have been challenges and questions and there have been blessings and--maybe even an answer or two! As we say our goodbyes to 2010 and look towards 2011, share with us five blessings from 2010 along with five hopes or dreams for 2011.From Singing Owl at RevGalBlogPals

1. Blessing Five: To have retired. Not expected or planned, but the realization that I just didn't have the skills or patience to deal or cope in the way I wanted to with the situation. It has freed me.

2. Blessing Four: The wherewithal to travel to amazing places. Each place I've been this year has changed me in some way--some small, some large. Time alone in Yosemite and reading/thinking about meditation and meditation and the loping brown bear as frightened of me as I was startled by him/her. Bhutan and thinking about death in a Buddhist context. Ethiopia and so much I never learned about in school and the amazing rock churches and what does their vision of Trinity mean (three identical old men).

3. Blessing Three: Running again. I still don't really like running. But it's the only thing that I do with any sort of intensity. I can dog all other exercises, but there is no way for me to dog running. Even at a slow jog, it's still more intense than anything else I can do. I want to be strong and fit enough to climb those hills at Addis and Yosemite.

4. Blessing Two. Life. Two years and nine months ago today was my surgery for ovarian cancer. It is good to be alive and healthy. I am grateful I failed Southern Belle 101 and became an assertive (OK, aggressive obnoxious) person because otherwise I might not be alive. (Yes, I'm still angry at the doctors who dismissed my complaints with you can't possibly be whatever.)

5. Blessing One. My son, my family, my friends everywhere, in real life and on line. I have been blessed in knowing some wonderful people who have listened to me kvetch (so much nicer a word than bitch) about everything, who have encouraged me, who haven't said (but I'm sure thought) "quit complaining and DO something."

Hopes for 2011
1. To be healthy and strong.
2. To continue to travel to amazing places (plans include a dive trip to Yap and Palau in Jan/Feb, the RevGalBlogPal cruise where I can meet some of the folks I know on line, a road trip to the Canadian Maritimes, visits to family, particularly a road trip to see Bubba Jim (yes, I do have a Bubba Jim) in Florida, trip to India to tiger reserves. And to sell my house so that I can travel around the world.
3. That an idea that has been percolating for a while will develop further. That the hungry, cold and homeless may be fed, warmed and sheltered.
4. That my family and friends continue to flourish: that God will heal the losses in their lives and grant them joy.
5. Oh, and world peace and thin thighs.


angela said...

I am so glad to hear you are a cancer survivor. I lost two dear friends--one from ovarian and the other from breast cancer. My husband says if we live long enough all of us will have it sooner or later. If only we all could survive it.

And your wish for world peace and thin thighs--that is going to make me smile all day. :-)

altar ego said...

Your post is a blessing. I am so glad for you that you have so much to celebrate, as well as look forward to. Yes, thin thighs. Some days that hope seems as elusive as world peace!

Terri said...

I'd be happy with my thighs if I could have a flat belly. But since I never have, not even when I was thin, it seems that this is not going to happen. Still, a girl can hope.

I love all the travelling you are doing, that is just awesome! (and yes, blessings on continued health)

SingingOwl said...

I'm so glad that the retirement has been a good thing. Rejoicing in the victory over cancer, and...I gotta tell you...wondering how a person progresses beyond progressive. :-) Blessings to you in 2011!

Joan Calvin said...

SingingOwl: become a flaming liberal, unabashed, unrepentant. Believe what Jesus says in Luke's gospel.

Robin said...

Oh, I am so eager to hear about those dreams coming to fruition!