Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Last night. Well, yesterday when I got home from the docs, there was a message on my machine from a session member. Did I want her help in calling folks if we canceled the session meeting for last night. I called her and asked if she thought we should cancel the meeting. She said that lots of schools were closed and churches canceling events. So, thinking these folks are really weather wimps, I said sure, cancel the meeting. I've lived through blizzards in Cleveland and Michigan. Folks here think 45 degrees is cold.

So, about 5:30 the storm started moving through. Wind, hail, the electricity went off. A tornado touched down about 14 miles from my house. My prayers are with those who lost family and friends in the storm.

I kept hearing alarms going off. I thought folks' house alarms were going off because the electricity was cut off. It was tornado warning sirens.

So, Memphians aren't weather wimps after all.