Monday, April 21, 2008

Love or Fear?

I am an amateur photographer. I read Outdoor Photographer. Dewitt Jones writes a column for the magazine. This month's column focuses on love or fear. The article is here.

I went to church yesterday. Everyone was wonderful, happy to see me. I had only one woman say "You will be OK. Attitude is 75% of what happens to you." I just kept smiling. I know attitude is important, but I don't believe it is as important as some people keep saying. And because it carries a bit of blame the victim when things don't go well (as with if you have enough faith, then you will be cured), it really aggravates me.

I went to the Episcopalian church last night for the first time in about five months. They alternate a Taize and Celtic Eucharist each Sunday evening. It is so wonderful to sit in the cool, slightly darkened sanctuary filled with candles. And to have communion every Sunday.