Saturday, September 27, 2008


Boy! what a day so far. I biked 7.8 miles. I've weeded my garden, fertilized the plants and the lawn, journaled. I'm planning to visit a parishioner in the hospital and the friend of another parishioner, if he's still in the hospital. Then, I'm going swimming. And then home to collapse.

It is so wonderful to be back. My brain doesn't work right all the time; I have neuropathy in my feet (two toes on each foot curl back), but when my toes curl back, I can now straighten them out using the muscles in my feet without having to pull them straight with my hands. My lawn lady has finished the repairs to my front yard after I had a huge elm removed and the tree people tore up the lawn. I have grass and new plantings along the side edge of the lawn. I'm planning to buy some mums for the front porch. The impatients still look pretty, but they will start to go soon as the days shorten.

I can't believe how wonderful it is to feel normal. I do have a hernia I want to have fixed. I may go to Cleveland to have it done if I can't find anyone here to do it the way I want it done. I don't have much faith in the medicine here. It is as far from cutting edge as the social realities are. (The UT medical school is across the street from Nathan Bedford Forrest Park. That Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Civil War general who really started the KuKluxKlan.)