Thursday, September 11, 2008

The World Does Change

I just watched Glory Road, the story of Don Haskins (coach) and the NCAA champions Western Texas (now UTEP). I remember, my school, the Yaaaan keee school in NC was in the final four that year and lost to KY. (The next fall we started the season ranked number 1 as I recall and then lost in a preseason game to a school in California that had a freshman--or was it a sophomore--named Lew Alcindor. They were unstoppable after that. Oh well. We finally won a NCAA championship in 1991, a very long time to wait and still one victory behind that school that's seven miles away.)

Back to the movie. Haskins played only African American players in the final game. This was at a time when it was assumed that African Americans did not have the intelligence to lead on the court.

And now, a black man is running for president of the US.

Prejudices do moderate. One day, we will look back and wonder why the church was so concerned about ordination of gays and lesbians. One day, we will laugh at folks who didn't think gays and lesbians should marry each other. One day. . .