Sunday, June 28, 2009

An elder stuck her head in the door about ten minutes after I got to the study for the congregational meeting (EP was moderating for lots of good reasons). Already? I said.
I walked with her back to the sanctuary. One of the little girls was standing in the doorway. But when I went in, most everyone had left. There were a couple of people standing around talking. One woman came up to me to tell me how glad she was I was staying. Another (our seminarian to be) came up to tell me that she would be leaving for seminary before I got back.

I used the refrain from the Carly Simon song, "you're so vain, you think this song is about you" in the sermon. What a strange reaction. I'm thinking what have I done to engender such a response. I've been here three years and everyone leaves. And so, I think, they have the strangest manners/customs.