Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks for all the suggestions about movies for Lent.

I made it safely home from Nashville and the ACPE. The roads were mostly good. There were patches where there was a lot of uncleared snow. Interestingly, the roads outside of Nashville were really good. From Jackson to Memphis, the roads worsened. Bridges east of Memphis were quite icy and a bit scary.

No church today. I had planned to recycle my neutral pulpit sermon from my first call. (Southern churches apparently call without hearing the person preach in person.) So, I'm thinking I'll save that one and go with the lectionary for next Sunday.

When the worship planning group met, the worship moderator said that she really liked the prayers we use. The custom had been for the liturgist to write the prayers. I use Lavon Baylor's books (which I note in the bulletin). I said that I do give the liturgist the option to write the prayers. I was really surprised. I don't have the gift of writing liturgy; I'm not very poetical and I think one needs to be poetical to write good liturgy. I see it as a waste of my time when there is so much better stuff out there written by people who have those gifts. (I don't always use Baylor; sometimes I use other stuff.) I love finding good liturgy on the web and I so appreciate people who post their services and their liturgical ideas. Thank you.

I'm really excited about our Lenten series. I love movies and I hope people will come and watch them. I'd love to have discussions about them, but this congregations doesn't seem interested in talking about movies (or sermons for that matter), at least among themselves or with me.

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