Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Five Love the One You're With

From Kathrynzj and RevGalBlogPals

And so I ask you to please name five things you like about where you are living now... and as your bonus - 1 thing you don't like.

Interesting. Yesterday I wrote a post which I was saving to post next week about how much I hate the "bloom where you are planted" bromide that gets tossed around so much. The grass is not always greener on the other side, but if where you are is causing you to brown, curl up and die, then it's time to think about moving on. God made us for life, not death. The kingdom is among you.

So, five things I like about where I am living now:
1. Friends (who curiously enough seem to dislike Memphis almost as much as I do).
2. The beautiful springs full of blooming things.
3. Tsunami, my favorite restaurant.
4. The cost of living.
5. My beautiful house.

The bonus is something I dislike. The list will be way longer
1. Southern conservative Christians.
2. The weather. five months at least of unbearably hot and humid weather.
3. No Trader Joe's
4. The absurb liquor laws which prohibit wine sales in anything but liquor stores.
5. The provincialness of the town
6. The difficulty of making change
7. Did I mention the heat?

Watch this space for news on Wednesday morning.


Beth said...

Ah, yes. Southern conservative Christians. They do make things interesting, though.

altar ego said...

I'm not far to the east of you, but at least Nashville is less provincial and has some counterbalance (where you can find it) to the southern conservatism. I hope you are able to get to a place that is life-giving for you!

Mompriest said...

I sooooo hear you! Although as a caveat, I thought I was "dying" in a place a few years ago, found a new call, moved across country only to end up in a place where I really came to know death and evil (yes, evil). sigh....prayers for you as you discern, and I hope the place you land is life-giving!

Joolie said...

I love the word "grouse." Sometimes our learning experiences are not what we would choose. Blessings to you.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh, I hear you here in South Carolina. People can be sweet as the tea, but so bullheadedly narrow minded. (And I'm a southerner, raised amongst many conservative-ish Christians, so I know what you're talking about.) But I've found that there are many others who aren't that way at all--they're just not as loud!