Thursday, May 1, 2008

Health Update

Well, I visited my oncologist today. I have stage 1, class 2 ovarian cancer (or had?). According to my oncologist, my life expectancy is the same as if I hadn't had cancer. I opted for chemo, to lessen the possibility of a recurrence. I'll do two rounds, then take some time off (go to Mongolia) and then take two to four more rounds.

I am out of denial/shock, I think. I'm not sure where I am.

What is interesting is that I am going to preach on biblical interpretation on Sunday, my first Sunday preaching since my surgery. That's what keeps coming to me to preach on. I'm not sure why. Unless I can find an old sermon I feel like preaching. I keep hoping that inspiration to preach something inspirational will come to me, but it hasn't yet. (Those tend to come around 3 am on Sunday morning.)