Sunday, May 18, 2008

More than you ever wanted to know about my hair loss

The reason I don't like to sleep with cats is that sometime during the night I wake up and there is cat hair in my eyes, in my nose and in my mouth. Now I'm not sleeping with a cat and there's hair in my eyes, in my nose, and in my mouth. I looked on the sofa before I sat down this morning and there was a huge wad of hair. Ewwwww!

So, I decided, no matter how much was left on my head on Tuesday (and there for all my kevetching is quite a bit still on my head), I'm going to have it shaved off. But, I'm sad. I will be losing my hair. Something else, not quite me will come back. I will be different in a visible way when my hair does return. It has taken me so long to grow into the person I am; I am sad about learning about a new person with different hair. I'm still hoping for thick and curly; with my luck thin and straight. (If so, I may stay bald)

The reason for Tuesday: a group of clergywomen is getting together and it seems like that is a good place for me to lose my hair.