Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being Blessed

In September I will have been at my church two years. The honeymoon should be over. I suppose having a life threatening illness extends the honeymoon. People seem to like me as much as when I arrived. I haven't heard criticism. Everyone is still talking to me. No one has left. It is pretty amazing.

The matriarch told me she thought I had come back to preaching too soon. Pretty amazing, if you asked me.

I still struggle with what God is calling the congregation to be/do. We did a year-long discernment process, followed through with one event. I asked what the group would do next with what we had decided would be our focus and the reply was that they would wait until next year. They meant the academic year.

I think I will call the congregation St. Methuselah. I love Cheesehead's St. Stoic and we are stoic, but mainly old, old, old.

I am hoping to visit a parishioner today. I haven't done any visitation in a long time. Before the surgery, I was really, really sick for about two months. And before that I was on vacation and then it was Advent and Christmas and before that I was spending a lot of time with the discernment process. I need to review my list and organize it.

I have my third chemo on Friday. One more after that! I will be so happy to be done.