Friday, June 6, 2008


One of the problems with being a member of a group traditionally discriminated against is that you can never know if it is you or if it is discrimination. And so, Hillary. I am of the age and gender which is supposed to be her greatest supporters. And I am a rabid feminist (though I really do like men). I have lived my life being discriminated against because of my gender and never so much as in the church (which began as radically appreciative of women and their gifts, but that's another rant). I did not support her for a number of reasons, primarily those of policy. My major concern is that she would continue the accretion of power in the presidency. My other major concern is that in her quest to show she has cajones, she would continue our disasterous swaggering foreign policy. (Her plan to drop the federal gasoline tax was simply stupid.)

Of late, she has shown too much grasping. I hear her defenders say that if she were a man, the "negative" aspects of her personality would not be seen that way. It seems to me, though, that that sort of grasping is repulsive in men. Hillary seems to have gotten into the same category as Israel: if you criticize her, then you are a misogynist (in Israel's case, anti-Semitic). You know, sometimes women do have flaws, glaring flaws. Giving a woman a pass because she is a woman is also misogyny.

I do hope that those who supported her will support Obama. The last thing this country needs is four more years of Republicans. McCain does not understand the economy. McCain, too, seem to has cajones problems when he comes to foreign policy. We need someone who can balance the federal budget with real compassion for those who have less (rather than compassionate conservatism which seems to have compassion most of all for the wealthy and those with oil interests).

I hope Obama will come up with solid proposals soon. We need to hear more than change. And, yes, I hope he sits down with our "enemies". (Having been to Iran, I know that many people admire the US. Invading Iran will transform all those who look to the US with admiration into jihadists. I simply hope that someone in foreign policy understands human nature.)

Finally, though, our hope is in the realm of God. God wants justice in this world, equality where women and men are evaluated and valued in the same light, equality where people of color and "no color" are evaluated and valued in the same light, justice for creation, where humans value all life and understand our role as stewards for our children and their children and all creatures.