Thursday, December 18, 2008


So, my parishioner who wants to die is now off medication. She is drinking Ensure, but not much else. She wanted to see me today, so off I went. I spent some time with her and then talked to her son for a while. We're going to do a Memorial Service MLK weekend (unless she goes before I leave for my vacation). I'll do the graveside if I'm here; if not someone else will. When I left her room, her daughter and son were sitting in the hallway and I sat with them for a while. And cried. I'll be out there tomorrow and then every day or so until the time comes.

I don't like death.

In other news, I have got to diet. I can't find a pair of wool slacks that I can wear. I am not going to buy bigger clothes. I did go to Pilates today and I got out and walked. I'm dog sitting (actually the dog is visiting me) for the next 12 days, so I'll get out twice a day to walk him. I walked him more this afternoon than he is used to and he had collapsed on the floor. I'm trying to eat more healthily: fewer carbs, no sweets (well not very often), no white flour. No fun. I am saute-ing six chicken breasts. I'm used to tiny chicken breasts and these are huge. They are about twice what i'm used too. I'll freeze them and then I can put them on a salad. I've got a ton of spinach, am getting used to eating that for salads. I also bought 6 ounces of coho salmon which I had them cut into two filets. I'm trying to focus on what I can eat, not what I can't.

And I have to find a present for my sister and for my friend for whom I'm dogsitting. Do you know a week from today is Christmas?????