Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Good Day

Gannet Girl and I had coffee this morning. It was fun meeting her. We have a lot in common: she's in the Presbytery I was active in before I went to seminary and we did CPE at the same hospital. And we both wear incredibly boring shoes in the winter time.

And I saw my oncologist today. She said she didn't think the cancer would return. It was caught really early and then I did chemo. I asked about staging and she said that they really hadn't done a proper staging. The surgeon didn't remove my appendix or lymph nodes, so it wasn't possible to tell if the cancer had spread there. She told me that my hernia repair will take much longer to heal than I had thought and that the inside heals much more slowly than the outside. She did think I was healing nicely, though. So, I'm relieved and happy.