Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An anniversary of sorts

One year ago today, I was back in the hospital after having been released for the weekend. Four days earlier, I had surgery for a partial thyroidectomy and biopsy for possible thyroid cancer. The hospital visit one year ago was to remove a tumor which was found only because I was a bitch and kept insisting that there was something more wrong with me. It turned out to be ovarian cancer (and uterine cancer, unrelated, too).

Today my sister is in the hospital for a biopsy for possible uterine cancer.

I am a bit over whelmed. Everyone thinks I'm OK, won't have a recurrence, but it is something that always hangs over your head.

I have had no great insights, no great epiphanies. Life is short; life is a bitch; life is a mystery; life is a gift. The world is a beautiful place. Things I've always known.

In the midst of the run up to Holy Week, take time to just be and enjoy the fact that you are alive.