Sunday, March 1, 2009

Something to think about

This morning, I was listening to the BBC. They had a piece on the economic melt down in the new EU countries. It is astounding to me that greedy voracious lending on Wall Street has led to the break down of economies around the world. Even more amazing is that the dollar in general has strengthen against both the euro and the pound which means that investors think the dollar is a safer haven than euro or pound.

One of the rectors at Calvary said that they would post the Borg/Crossan lectures on iTunes. Borg's sermons there on Thursday and Friday are now posted. I haven't listened to them. I would highly recommend listening to the lectures. Each one is 90 minutes: thirty each by Borg and Crossan and then half an hour for questions. At the beginning of three of Crossan's lectures, he had a slide show which was fascinating. It protrayed the archelogical evidence for Crossan's point with only a few words written on the screen, some projected several times. At first I thought it was going to be awful, but I grew to really like it. I've never seen a "powerpoint" presentation quite like that one. By the way, Crossan went out of his way to say that it wasn't powerpoint, it was Apple's Keynote. He said that when he decided to buy a computer he went to the scriptures. He couldn't find PC there, but he found Apple several times. (If you go to iTunes, search for Calvary Episcopal. There is one podcast you can subscribe to without a date and one with 2008. The current one is the undated one. Calvary does a special preaching series everyweek day during Lent with some great speaker coming. Sara Miles (Take This Bread) for one. I can't remember the others off the top of my head. Some are local; some national.