Thursday, April 29, 2010


Not mine, but mine. So, in the last few weeks, we have lost 29 men to a coal mine and untold natural resources to an oil well explosion. We seem to have these catastrophes and then forget about them and get on with our lives of using more and more energy. And of course, I don't do anything either. But, it bothers me.

It looks like the wind farm off Conn will go ahead which is good. People oppose wind energy because it destroys the vista. Vistas are important, but people and fish and shrimp are more important. We have to make a choice and yet we continue to live as if the pantry is full. One day, we will open the door and find only skeletons.

We need an energy policy that will foster green tech. We need an energy policy that will impute the real cost of energy into oil and coal: the real cost of making sure the environmental costs are included and that we drill and mine with safety first.

I need to make changes of my own. I'm already switching to CF bulbs as the incandescents burn out. I'm almost done with the switch. My new resolution is to bike or walk where I can for shopping. I can walk or bike to either Easy Way (the fantastic produce store) or to one grocery store for those piddly items I seem to run out of. I'm trying to figure out how to bike one day a week to church. When I get to where I can leave my laptop there, then I think I can.

My thoughts for the day.

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