Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Five

1. When was your last, or will be your next, out of town travel? Monday, Monday, I can't wait. Austin for the College of Pastoral Leaders at the seminary, Yosemite, Carmel for a meeting with seminary friends, Monterey, then home.

2. Long car trips: love or loathe? Loateh

3. Do you prefer to be driver or passenger? Driver

4. If passenger, would you rather pass the time with handwork, conversing, reading, listening to music, or ??? Sleep. I tend to fall asleep the minute I get in the passenger seat.

5. Are you going, or have you ever gone, on a RevGals BE? Happiest memories of the former, and/or most anticipated pleasures of the latter? One day, I'd love to go. It has tended to conflict with other plans. Maybe next year.

6. Bonus: a favorite piece of road trip music. right now: Graceland. Not road trip music, but here and now music.

Am now trying to figure out how to get two more weeks of vacation. I found a wonderful trip I want to take, but I'm already scheduled for vacation (and paid for airfare etc.)


Pastor Joelle said...

Graceland is great driving music. We took a youth mission trip to Louisiana and went through Memphis so of course we stopped at Graceland and played that several times on the way.

Terri (AKA Mompriest) said...

I haven't listened to Graceland in years - brings back fond memories of a hot summer and delicious BBQ's and gin and tonics....that was a time in early marriage before children. I hope you enjoy your upcoming trip!

Sophia said...

The trip sounds awesome! Have a great time and say hi to northern Cal for me!

altar ego said...

Your trip sounds great! Graceland is great boogie-in-the-car music!

Joan Calvin said...

Thaks for commenting

Mary Beth said...

oooh, Graceland! I need to pull out that CD. thanks for the reminder.

Have a great time on your trip...esp in Austin!

Deb said...

Sigh.. Yes. I haven't made a BE either. "some day..."