Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Again

I'm home. Arrived yesterday evening. Am up, awake, doing laundry. My hair is beginning to grow!

I found an article in which the woman talks about cancer and her personality. It isn't exactly how I am feeling, but it's close and certainly closer than a lot of that swarmy-sweet cancer stuff I get in emails from well meaning but stupid people.

On Sunday, I walked about 5 miles in Seoul. We walked to a palace, toured it, then took the subway back to a shopping area to eat and then walked back to the hotel. Later that day, we walked back to the shopping area for dumplings. On Monday, we took the subway to a large hill. I climbed at least 300 feet up. We reached the end of the trail, but it was about 25 feet below the summit. We then took the subway almost to the hotel and ate shwarma at a stand. The owner had arrived four months ago from Iraq. Later in the day, we took the cable cars up to the top of Namsam hill and walked down. I was pleased with my ability to do the walks and climbs. I was tired and I can't do as much as I could a year ago, but I was really pleased.