Thursday, December 20, 2007

Miscellaneous Musings

Somewhere I read that during this time, women pastors drop off in blogging, men continue at their usual rate. I wonder why. (Irony here.)

NPR had a piece on the $1000 bagel. I know about the $1000 martini. There are people in this country who are hungry and homeless and people spend that sort of money for status. On the other hand, I spend money on travel which I am sure many folks would see as senseless and better spent on helping the poor.

This afternoon is my open house for the congregation. I am exhausted. I stayed up until 11 last night cooking and cleaning. I still have more cleaning to do, but my body aches.

I asked people not to bring food. Last year, I had so much left over and much of it was stuff that wasn't good for me. I am worried about not having enough food now.

It is really raining here. I bought beautiful luminaries to put out. (We'll use them for Christmas Eve at church. Last year the worship chair threw my luminaries away after the service.) The bags have a sleeve that has a cut out with a star on it. It's really neat looking. (It's the last one on the top row, not the featured one on top.)

Off to work.