Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Remember

I remember my Dad's colored waiting room.

I remember the colored waiting room at the bus station.

I remember the colored drinking fountains.

I remember the colored section floor at the hospital and the colored nursery for new borns.

I remember my father saying that our "nigras" would be OK if it weren't for outside agitators.

I remember hearing about the sit ins in neighboring Greensboro.

I remember sitting outside Duke Chapel listing to Dr. King.

I remember when JFK was killed and classmates shouted with glee.

I remember living in one of the first successfully integrated neighborhoods in America.

I remember the years I spent working for integration in the suburb I lived in.

I remember saying on the 25th anniversary of integration in our neighborhood saying that I was concerned that 25 years from then, we would still be working to make sure the neighborhood was integrated (and they were).

I will remember last night.

I will remember that the state I grew up in, the state of the first sit ins, the state of Jesse Helms, apparently voted for Obama by a slender 15,000 votes.

Praise Jesus!