Thursday, January 22, 2009

I ran today. I'm training for a sprint triathlon: 400 meter swim, xxkm bike ride (I just don't remember) and a 5K run. I'm swimming 900 yards right now (but in a pool with a wall to turn on and grab a breath every 25 yards). I'm swimming really slow; about 28 minutes for the 900 yards. I'm struggling to work up to a 30 minute jog (which will be about 3.5 km). My goal is to work up to jogging 5 K three times a week. The biking will be fine. If I can get strong enough to do the run part easily, the rest will be OK. My goal is to finish.

Our music director is seeing an oncologist today. Possible diagnosis: ovarian cancer. S**t. I'm going to try to run by the clinic where she is seeing the doc today before her appointment. One third of American women will have cancer at some point in their lives (for men it's one half). Much of that is either curable or the person is old. But ovarian cancer is rare. Only 22000 women in this country will have it this year. So, how can the two of us have it? What are the odds (evidently 100 percent). I just hope if it is cancer (and I hope it isn't) they will have caught it at an early stage. She is going to the best cancer facility in the city. (Not where I went unfortunately, but that's another story--I just wanted the tumor out the fastest way possible.)

And I still have a sermon to write.