Friday, January 9, 2009

Last day on the island. No diving. There's a 24 hour rule (used to be 12) that one should not dive 24 hours before flying. Since there are old divers and bold divers but no old, bold divers and I'm an old diver, I follow the rules. We did two dives off Klein Bonaire, a small island about a mile off the city here. (Bonaire is shaped like a boomerang. Klein Bonaire is at the center of the curve.) We spent some time with an eagle ray on the first dive and squid on the second. No green morays this trip. The coral was in better shape--there is no development on the island. This seems to imply that development is what is causing the decline in the health of the reef here.

I will do a parishioner's memorial service a week from Sunday. She had a note in her Bible that said that she wanted to beat her cancer (which she did) to give other women hope. I like that sentiment. When I visit an ovarian cancer forum, I see women with stage four cancer seeking hope, that other women have made it. Does hope make a difference? I know it is supposed to, but does it?

I ran today. Second day of second week of couch to 5K. It's still relatively easy: jog 90 seconds, walk 2 minutes, repeat for 20 minutes. I'm still hoping to be on target for a mini sprint triathlon in September. It will take hard work, though. The pain from the hernia repair seems to be mostly gone.