Friday, July 18, 2008

Maybe God does have a lesson for me: more on being a bitch

The chaplain at seminary is a wonderful person: warm, caring, loving. I loved being in his presence. I hoped that with enough meditation, scripture, reflection and trying to follow in Jesus' way, my personality might be softened; I might radiate God's love. I woke up this morning realizing I will probably never change into a soft, sweet person.

I was listening to a Speaking of Faith "extra" yesterday, an interview with a rabbi who has been creating High Holy Day rituals that are engaging. She mentioned that one of her members said that she had always had problems with the Warrior God, but now that she has cancer, she wants a Warrior God fighting the cancer.

We need a Warrior God to fight the injustice in this world: poverty, violence, oppression, evil in all its forms. And we need followers who are willing to live in the tension of fighting these evils and holding each of God's children in love, not turning those who engage in evil (which in reality is almost each one of us) into "other."